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Lobby: What do all the columns in the lobby mean?

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asked this on August 27, 2011, 13:18

How do I find my perfect room?



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Room name , That's the room's name. It's made up of two parts , the first part is the name of the server the room resides in and the second part is the name of this class of rooms. The number that might appear near that room's name means it's an exact clone of that room made to accommodate more players. By class of rooms we mean that the cards price, the rooms pattern, its speed and the auto-daub feature will be identical in all rooms with the same name.

Players , this column shows you how populated the room is. There will always be two numbers there separated by a slash. The left side number shows how many players are in the room playing right now. The right side number indicated the maximum capacity of that room. Most rooms can hold between 30 to 35 players.

Card , this column indicates how much a single card costs.

Speed , this column indicates how fast numbers are being called during the game. The faster the room is, the more frequently numbers are called. In the fast rooms, numbers are being called every 3 seconds!

Pattern , The pattern is the shape your numbers need to take over the card in order to claim bingo. The column can show either Blackout or Random. Blackout means that the pattern in the room is always the same and it is Blackout (cover all the numbers in your card to win). Random means that there are several patterns that randomly change each round.

Prize , This column updates every few seconds with how much the first prize in the room is.

Auto-daub , you can play bingo by marking daubs over cards yourself or use the auto-daub feature. Only some rooms support that feature and they are marked in the auto-daub column by a cog icon.

August 27, 2011, 13:19
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